November | Precision Fussy Cutting

One of the best by-products of our newest Fabric features (launched October 2023) is that you can now visualize precision and seamless pattern matched fussy cut blocks in PreQuilt.

Stick with us here and you'll learn all about how to use PreQuilt to preview and plan your precision fussy cutting - and where you can learn how to do it!

What is Fussy Cutting?

Fussy Cutting is a term that is used to describe the targeted selection and cutting from fabric of a particular image. And in quilting, these selectively cut out pieces of fabric are then either pieced together by hand (typically English Paper Piecing) or by machine to create visually stunning quilt blocks.

If you're looking for great examples of fussy cutting in quilts, use the hashtag #fussycutting on Instagram and your mind will be blown away by the endless possibilities.

What is Pattern Matched Precision Fussy Cutting?

Disclaimer - I'm no expert on quilting, so please forgive me if there's a better term for this type of fussy cutting.

Pattern Matched Precision Fussy Cutting is the targeted selection and cutting from fabric of a particular design used in different colorway fabrics that when cut and stitched together forms a seamless, unified image pieced together using multiple fabrics.

How to Use PreQuilt for Precision Fussy Cutting

With the new fabric features in PreQuilt, it's possible to plan and visualize all your precision fussy cutting well before cutting into your fabrics. Because, let's be honest, it's pretty scary to cut into that Tula Pink you've been holding on to for just the right project, right?

We have a detailed Help Guide available to show you how you can use static fabrics to create these seemingly seamless fussy cut blocks.

Where to Learn How to Fussy Cut*

If you'd like to learn how to fussy cut, there are lots of options out there. Here are a few we know of and recommend.

For Precision and Seamless Fussy Cutting:

Geeky Bobbin has a Fussy Cutting Block of the Month program called Fussy Fuel launching in January 2024. This workshop-supported BOM program includes 12 block patterns and monthly video tutorials that will build upon one another so that you can confidently machine piece together precise and seamless fussy cut blocks. If you're stumbling across this post after January 2024, not to worry, the entire program is still available as a one-time purchase.

For more info:

For Beginner Fussy Cutting

Gnome Angel is an early pioneer of Fussy Cutting and published a book called Fussy Cutters Club that teaches you everything you need to know on how to fussy cut for both English Paper Piecing and using templates.

For more info:

*We are not affiliated with anyone mentioned in this blog post. We have shared this information out of general support for our community and the great work being done.

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