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Winter Nesting, From Trace to Quilt, Scale to Fit, Free PreQuilt Demos, QuiltCon Workshops...

Winter Nesting

Fall has arrived here in Toronto. Which means winter is coming... And I feel myself doing a sort of 'winter nesting'. What is that, you ask? Well, I feel myself starting to squirrel projects and ideas and plans (two super small concerts in November!) that I hope will help me make it through the upcoming cold weather. It's coming and I feel myself flinching.

I'm sure I'm not unique in the sense that I do most of my making in the fall, winter and early spring. Summer is for collecting as much sunshine as possible. What are you collecting in the hopes of making? If you're in the southern hemisphere, do you have any hibernation makes to share?

At the end of this post, I'll share some quilty and sewing inspiration, should you feel yourself also wanting to winter nest.

You + PQ

We're constantly amazed by what YOU make using PreQuilt! So it's time for some of your show and tells!

A few months ago, Nancy C. emailed us inquiring about a feature she was looking for. Was there a way to import an image for tracing? We had the capability to do that for a block, but not for an entire quilt. Well, what great feedback! Gar was able to figure out how to build out a quilt tracing feature and Nancy was able to use it to create this beauty of a quilt, 'Home is Where the Heart Is' by tracing a map! Well done! Thanks Nancy for the great feedback and idea!

PreQuilt Updates

There's been a lot of unsexy, behind the scenes dev work being done on the platform. Think of it all like changing your knob and tube wiring or installing a new roof. It's essential, but damn, it's really nothing to gush or go ga-ga about... But on the upside, these upgrades have improved the overall speed of the app and will ensure PreQuilt's longevity.

PreQuilt Demos

If you're part of a guild and you'd like a FREE demo, we'd love to come (virtually)! We have a sign-up form available to gather information as well as a booking link to reserve a time!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at hello@prequilt.com.

PreQuilt Events

February 23-26, 2023 // QuiltCon, Atlanta Georgia

Registration is open with availability in all the PreQuilt workshops. For more info on our workshops, visit our homepage and scroll down. Or register directly at quiltcon.com!

Thanks for coming by for a visit and hope that you're doing well!

All the best, Gar & Laura

Appendix: Laura's Winter Nesting Projects

I'm a quilter, sewist, and puzzler. These are some of the projects that are either on my Santa wish list or in my To Do pile. As the weather gets colder and I'm less tempted to leave the house, I'm hoping to enjoy these projects! What are you looking forward to?

Quilting Projects

I have a few personal designs that I've built into PreQuilt that I'd love to tackle this winter. I'll share down the line when I finally start tackling them. But for now, I'm going to invest in some UFOs and a fun quiltalong.

Kinship - 100 Days, 100 Blocks (UFO since 2021)

I started this quilt last summer during Gnome Angel's quiltalong. I'd love to finish it up this winter! Since I loved the 80 block layout, I'm doing that one. Win, win, since I love square quilts and not doing 100 blocks. Alas, though, I got stumped at block 15 (my piecing wasn't very accurate with my quarter inch seams).

Quilt Buzz Bingo 2022 - Plus Design

I love this design by the Quilt Buzz ladies and with the quiltalong going on right now, I thought it might be a great entry quilt to the winter weather. Would be nice to have something cheerful to snuggle under on the couch during movie night!

Garment Projects

I've been spying on this top for months. I love all the variations that people make and post on IG. I've gathered the fabric and the pattern (but I still gotta print and tile it...). I just gotta slap the two together and I'll hopefully have a cute top to layer under a cardigan to bring a bit of joy during the winter.

I've already made one of these and I LOVE it so much. It's so cute and versatile that I know it'll be a staple in my wardrobe. I've cut it out already in some lovely Nani Iro double gauze I got for my 40th birthday, so I think it'll be like walking around in a hug.


What a beauty for any quilter! Dear Santa...

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