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Happy New Year!

First off, Happy New Year! Hello 2023 and welcome Year of the Rabbit! I know, I know, we're more than halfway through January, but I still like to pause and remind myself that the new year is still fresh with untapped potential awaiting.

And what a year ahead of us! In our personal life, Gar's sister is getting married and our son (who was born in the last Year of the Rabbit) will be moving on to middle school. There's much life to celebrate, but gulp, where has all the time gone?

For PreQuilt, QuiltCon is next month and I (Laura here) will be teaching 4 PreQuilt workshops! There's still space available, so I hope you'll consider joining Wendy of The Weekend Quilter and I to learn the ins and outs of PreQuilt. We also have new features in development and fun collaborations this year for you to enjoy. We'll keep you posted!

Help Guide

Yelp! Help!

We completely understand that learning something new is hard. And we want to make it a bit easier (and fun and addictive and dive-in-able) for you, which is why we’ve launched a written PreQuilt Help Guide. This guide is a live document, meaning that we'll be adding to it over the coming months.

We started with the basics to ensure users are able to hit the ground running. So, if you’re a newbie to PreQuilt - give the tutorial, First PreQuilt Quilt, a try.

We hope that between the Help Guide, our YouTube tutorials, and the upcoming QuiltCon workshops, you'll be able to enjoy and incorporate PreQuilt into your regular quilting practice.

QuiltCon Workshops

Let's be honest, manuals can be tedious. If you're more of a hands-on learner, Laura of PreQuilt and Wendy of The Weekend Quilter will be co-teaching 3 PreQuilt workshops at QuiltCon in Atlanta. There's still spots available for these, so we hope you consider joining us!

  • Friday, Feb 24 -- Deep Dive into PreQuilt

  • Saturday, Feb 25 & Sunday, Feb 26 -- Intro to PreQuilt

  • Saturday, Feb 25 -- Color It with PreQuilt (solo workshop taught by Laura)

The Quilted Home Handbook

Wendy Chow of The Weekend Quilter has been a longtime friend and PreQuilter. I first "met" Wendy on Instagram many years ago and our friendship has continued as we both embark on our respective quilting adventures.

Well, we're so excited and proud to share that Wendy has recently launched her second book, The Quilted Home Handbook! This beautiful collection of projects is a perfect asset to your quilting practice and will for sure give you many ways to make your house a home!

Let's Connect!

If you'll be at QuiltCon, I'd love to connect with you! I'll be wearing one of these stickers everyday, so please come say hello!

Tidbits (and a Flashback) from PQ HQ

Here's a little flashback of us at QuiltCon 2020 in Austin. We won't have a booth this year, but it's nice to remember all the fun we had!

In other news, winter has begun to settle in here in Toronto and grey skies and slushy sidewalks are now the norm. There are some real pro and cons to this weather situation. The pros, I'm sewing more and we're cuddling with the boys more (body heat - sharing is caring). The cons, running is a little riskier and we're staring at the sidewalk more than enjoying our surroundings. And well, very little sunshine make long days. What are your winter activities?

I also went on a retreat with my wonderful sew buddies earlier this month and the only thing ready to go was my Kinship quilt UFO. In 2021, I pre-cut all 80 blocks (doing the 80 block layout) and organized all the block pieces into envelopes (it was like a DIY quilty advent calendar). Once on a roll, I was able to finish all the blocks! Next stop - sashing!

We hope this finds you warm and well. Till next time, Gar & Laura

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