Hello, Welcome to PreQuilt!!

The PreQuilt team is Gar Liu, a developer, and Laura Henneberry, a quilter. We're glad you're here!

What is PreQuilt?

PreQuilt is an online software application that visualizes and designs quilts.

Use our time saving features (like color tags, randomization, built in solid fabric color cards, fabric swatches, and more) to quickly visualize your next quilt!

Subscribers choose between the Basic or the Market subscription plans. For more information, visit https://app.prequilt.com/plans.

Who's Behind PreQuilt?

The PreQuilt team is made up of Gar Liu, a developer, and Laura Henneberry, a quilter, and we’ve teamed up to create PreQuilt to design and visualize quilts in fun and surprising ways.

Gar has over 20 years of dev experience working in house and as a freelancer for some of Toronto's biggest ad agencies. He has a unique skillset of being both a full stack developer and having a graphic design education from OCAD University.

Laura starting quilting over 10 years ago and while she loves seeing where a project goes, she often wants the confidence of knowing what a quilt will look like before cutting into her fabric. She has a unique skillset of having both an Operations background as well as a design education from OCAD University.

What's PreQuilt's Origin Story?

PreQuilt was born one night when Laura was struggling to visualize The Circus Tent Quilt with her limited Illustrator skills. Gar looked over her shoulder and said he could code something that would speed up the design process.

And the rest is history... Or rather it’s the start of the ever evolving web application you see here today. Come visit us at https://prequilt.com/!

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