March | QuiltCon Lookback

QuiltCon Lookback

First off, wow, where has the time gone? I feel like I just got back from QuiltCon and I'm sure you've already read all the wrap-ups you can handle. So, here's a just a few of my personal highlights:

  • Workshops:

    • Wendy of The Weekend Quilter and I had a wonderful time teaching so many of you. Thank you to everyone who joined us, we loved teaching all the ins and outs of PreQuilt.

    • The energy in the workshops was thrilling and we're looking forward to bringing more accessible ways to learn how to use PreQuilt to you in the future.

  • People:

    • The best part of QuiltCon for me (Laura) are the people I'm only able to catch up with at QuiltCon. It was wonderful to run into so many wonderful quilters and deliberately hang out with some friends I made at QuiltCons in the past!

    • I met YoungMin Lee after her wonderful Bojagi Lecture. It's a gift having a wonderful collection of talent in one building and I was so grateful to be able to connect with her in person. If you're interested in her or Bojagi (which are Korean wrapping clothes), check out her DVD or online workshop here.

  • Quilts:

    • The quilts are always mind blowing and I left the show with new energy and inspired to circle back to my works in progress.

    • This year we sponsored the Group & Bee Quilts category and I was blown away at the quilts in the category. Sashes by Elizabeth Ray and the Quilts Unscripted Bee won first place - congratulations!

  • Cool Things:

    • Another favorite part of QuiltCon are all the cool gadgets you can't always find at your local shop. I invested in a Daylight Lamp and bought a weighted clapper from Modern American Vintage.

    • I also got these amazing and colorful custom acrylic templates from my friends, Eve and Kristen of MakeATX. If you're looking for your own custom templates for your patterns or just yourself, please reach out to them at!

New Coloring Pages

I was fortunate to meet Brittany of Lo and Behold Stitchery at QuiltCon and I'm happy to announce that two of her quilts are available as digital coloring pages on PreQuilt!

You might have notice a flurry of Granny Patch quilts that look a lot like the crocheted blankets a lot of us grew up with on the back of our couches. My family had one (I wonder where it's gone off to), but I definitely have to say it didn't look anywhere close to as beautiful as this quilted version! You can color your own version for free on PreQuilt here.

Mosaic Star is also available as a digital coloring page and it's a perfect skill builder because there are three different types of triangles in this pattern! And if you're wanting to learn in a structured manner, Brittany is kicking off her Triangle School on-demand course soon. Enrollment opens April 13th!*

*This is not an affiliate link. I'm happy to share this because it sounds like a great course!


We are constantly blown away by how you all use PreQuilt to visualize and plan your quilts. Ever considered planning out your photographs with your quilt???

Well, Joy Y did just that and created this beautiful modified Friendship Star memory quilt. Joy said she added all her fabrics and pictures ahead of time to plan her quilt layout. What a wonderful memory quilt!

"PreQuilt was so helpful with getting things placed exactly where I wanted them!" - Joy Y

Thank you, Joy, for sharing!

PreQuilt Demos

If you're part of a guild and you'd like a FREE demo, we'd love to come (virtually)! We have a sign-up form available to gather information as well as a booking link to reserve a time!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at

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